Katharina Gifford | Two new finished pieces…
Contemporary Maine Realist Portrait Painter
Maine portrait painter, Portland, Maine, contemporary realist painter, oil on canvas, drawings, portraits, still life, figurative art
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Two new finished pieces…

Spring is here, and I have finished two paintings. It feels lovely.


‘Girl from Downeast’ and ‘Homecoming’ have been a work in progress for some time now, and I’m happy to say that I feel great about them. Discoveries made left and right. I feel like every time I finish a painting I need to do an Oscar acceptance speech.


“I’d like to thank the academy. Hundreds of academies in fact, and schools of art that have taught the great artists that have thus taught and inspired me. Thanks to all the Wyeths, without whom I would have been deathly afraid of being dramatic. To Rembrandt, for showing us all that come hell or highwater, whatever method it takes, one must strive to create those beautiful effects of nature that we are so lucky to see. Thanks to the new Vampire Weekend and HAIM albums, not to mention Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto…. Ok the music is playing me off state thanks to my husband, Mom, Dad, peace!”


Seriously, the artist is never ever alone when they’re working. How lucky we are.


So here are the finished pieces:

Girl from Downeast
Girl from Downeast
Oil on canvas, 2014
Oil on canvas, 2014

I’m looking forward to working on some painting-related activities that include painting (yes, really!), drawing, animation and printmaking…. a lot has been ruminating in the old brain here, can’t wait to get it all out!

Thanks for visiting!

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