Katharina Gifford | September…
Contemporary Maine Realist Portrait Painter
Maine portrait painter, Portland, Maine, contemporary realist painter, oil on canvas, drawings, portraits, still life, figurative art
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By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.

Helen Hunt Jackson (1831-1885)

Welcoming autumn has always been a September ritual for many, I myself adore fall and everything that comes with it. My only dislike is the fact that it will end, as all things do.


The goal is to stay busy, but enjoy the colors, stormy weather, and good company as much as possible.


So far in September I’ve accomplished a couple of things, first being able to do the First Friday Art Walk in Portland, walking around with a pencil and paper in my hand. The second being doing another time-lapse of a alla prima painting.


The art walk, which happened last Friday the 5th, was very busy in typical fashion. I feel as though I should not speak in regards to all of the art that is currently up in Portland, as I only was able to see a few galleries/art ‘happenings’. But of those I did see, and those that I have seen for the past few years, have not really impressed me too much. What I’ve been thinking about for a while now, is the fact that Portland, with such a crazy-big art scene, does not have a decent art criticism venue. Besides the odd article here and there in the Phoenix and the Maine Home Designs magazine trying to sell itself, it doesn’t seem like there is a decent discussion of art going on. I mean, there is PLENTY of art going on, but where are people talking about it? I’m going to do some digging, I would love to go somewhere/read something on a continued basis about the Portland art scene, because I think it is worth talking about…more on that soon I hope!


So to finish, here is a view of my newest time-lapse. A rose still life. It took me a little over 2 hours, the video itself is only a little over 7 minutes. I’m still figuring out the editing software, hopefully the next one will either be shorter or at least with more flash!

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