Katharina Gifford | Portland Sidewalk Art Festival 2011
Contemporary Maine Realist Portrait Painter
Maine portrait painter, Portland, Maine, contemporary realist painter, oil on canvas, drawings, portraits, still life, figurative art
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Portland Sidewalk Art Festival 2011

Whew, what a great show! Despite some early morning hiccups, we got everything set up and ready to go. My awesome parents and amazing husband were there to help. To themĀ  I am eternally grateful!! The weather held off, the morning fog burned off by mid-morning and we had sun for the remainder of the time there which was great.

The Awesome Parents and I

The Awesome Parents and I



Awesome Supporters

My amazing husband and friends


There were a lot of people who came out for the show, despite all of the hooplah about the impending weather. The doors looked fantastic, there were so many people who commented on what an awesome idea it is to use them as display, I would say ‘Yes, I know, my father is a genius!’ (thank you, Dad!). Many people also took a moment to stop by and look at my work, which is great, and I was fortunate enough to sell a piece that I personally really liked so all in all an immensely successful day!

Although I didn’t get to walk through the whole festival, it was interesting talking to some of the other folks who were doing the show. One of the coordinator’s of the festival told me there was a woman there who had been doing it every year since the show began, which I thought was pretty great. My continued observation garnered by doing the show is that despite the fact that you are presented with raw, unfiltered criticism of your work, you are also faced with such a variety of people who actually enjoy it. I spoke with so many different folks who were either artists themselves, or had a relative who was an artist or who just purely loved looking at art. It’s nice to hear why a certain piece is appealing (or not appealing!) to someone as well. I had a lovely conversation with a woman who not only appreciated the red mats I used to cover the display supports, but she was familiar with and loved Russian painters! Another guy suggested that I should go into the tattooing business, something I honestly had never thought about, but am almost seriously considering… tattoo artist by day, moonlighting as traditional painter by night, sounds Romantic!

So, again, great people, no bad weather, and art everywhere. A good success, and now it’s time to work on some new stuff and finish the things that have been brewing on the back burner, now that the big show is done. Lot’s of inspiration everywhere as usual, my mother-in-law lovingly sent me a book on the Hermitage, which is in St. Petersburg, Russia, where we all went together a few summers ago. What an awesome place, seriously. I’ve been looking at the paintings of Rubens that are in there, and am thinking a copy might be in order. He handled paint so well, would love to try and figure out how! I will be sure post an update soon, Rubens or not! Hark, I hear a Rubens now…



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