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Contemporary Maine Realist Portrait Painter
Maine portrait painter, Portland, Maine, contemporary realist painter, oil on canvas, drawings, portraits, still life, figurative art
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It’s art time, all the time

Happy August, and a happy August only means one thing around here… yes, that’s right, the annual Sidewalk Art Festival. Hard to believe it has been 5 years of doing it, but I must say it has been both fun and challenging in the past, and I look forward to doing at least this one more time!

As far as what’s been happening leading up to the festivities that are going to happen this Saturday, there has been a lot going on around here. The studio has moved a mile up the road to its new home, and so have we.

The new studio
The new studio
So much room for activities! 😉

New work includes a portrait or two, a still life or two, and a mythic figure painting or two. I’ve been really stuck on this idea of what I am calling the Maine Myth. Not as in Bigfoot or the great Lobster Claw Man (see my friend Josh’s depiction of this one), but as in myths about Maine. A couple of new paintings address some themes that are Maine-based, whether it’s a story that originated here, or one that originated somewhere else, but is in a Maine setting… pictures are sure to come soon.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of me painting outside recently in our new yard. Looking forward to showing this painting and some more new stuff at the festival this weekend!

Painting in the blazing sun, and loving every minute of it
Painting in the blazing sun, and loving every minute of it

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