Katharina Gifford | Autumn is coming…
Contemporary Maine Realist Portrait Painter
Maine portrait painter, Portland, Maine, contemporary realist painter, oil on canvas, drawings, portraits, still life, figurative art
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Autumn is coming…

…and I’ve been looking forward to it. Not because of what comes after it of course but because of the colors, the atmospheric rainy days. I find this is the most inspiring time of the year for me.  I’m currently working on some interesting things (well, things that are interesting to do at least). I’ve been looking at Rembrandt’s use of chalk with his paint, and reading about it has really opened up big doors and windows and light bulbs and all that. So a lot of fun stuff. I found out about the National Gallery Technical Bulletins, (found via this informative website by Tad Spurgeon) which are studies done by art historians/curators/conservators/scientists that focus on the technical aspect of selected works and how the works were made physically. Insanely interesting stuff, and there have been 31 issues published since 1977, so I know what’s going on my wish list this year… I’m going to post some of my own new work very soon, but in the meantime here are some great and inspiring paintings that I stumbled upon recently in my research online. Enjoy, and happy almost Autumn!


Frank Cadogan Cowper "Vanity"


Gabriel Cornelius von Max "Monkeys as Judges of Art"


John Singer Sargent "Spanish Woman"


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