Katharina Gifford | Annnndd we’re back :)
Contemporary Maine Realist Portrait Painter
Maine portrait painter, Portland, Maine, contemporary realist painter, oil on canvas, drawings, portraits, still life, figurative art
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Annnndd we’re back :)

Monhegan visit in August, painting the back of old harbour houses and Manana

Wow it has been just a little bit since I’ve put in a blog post here! A lot has happened in life since my last post: fun trips to distant lands and museums, painting projects started and sometimes completed, minor natural disasters leading to a temporary dwelling move, and much more. For now I am just doing a quick post to say ‘hello, internet blog readers!’ and to talk about what’s coming up this week.


Recently I was asked to teach a group of classes in September for the Art Loft in Rockland and I’m excited to start those in just over a week (Sept. 8th). Every Saturday I will be leading a class in the morning around the Fundamentals of Still Life, and in the afternoons I will be doing a painting demo of either a still life or portrait that folks can either observe or work alongside. During the month of September I will also be displaying some of my paintings in the gallery of the Art Loft and the opening for that show will be on Rockland’s First Friday, September 7th. (Link to Class and show info)


There will be a few new works at the show that are not yet posted here, but please follow me on Instagram: @she.paints to get more frequent works-in-progress and info in the meantime!


I hope to be able to turn this blog into something more substantial, I’d love to write about my processes more, and about the art world in general and my view from/of it… Thanks for staying with me!

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